LaRita and Company | Statesboro, GA

The Studio

At LaRita and Company, we know that your time is valuable. By setting an appointment with a reputable, certified professional photographer with 20 years of experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your session is always booked in a private setting where you can relax.Larita’s 3,000 sq. foot home based studio provides a private setting accommodating both indoor and outdoor sessions with no travel necessary.

LaRita and Co. understands that portraits of your loved ones are a valued possession. LaRita personally commits her energy, her time, and pledges her art to the creation of original photographic treasures. Her unique photography stimulates your thoughts, evokes your emotions, and safeguards your individual memories. These photographs are the memories you would hold dear both in times of crisis, and in times of joy. These are the memories you would rush to rescue from a burning building. LaRita says, “The only photographs you will ever regret are the ones you do not take!”

When you decorate your home with fine art portraits of your family, you are showing “what matters most.” Photography reveals that you treasure the people in your life and the moments you have with them. Just as a jeweler polishes a gem, a talented professional photographer sculpts shadow and time into something precious and unique. LaRita is such a photographer. With meticulous attention to detail, she has the artistic ability to transform moments into priceless memories.